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Integration into the existing machine infrastructure is now even easier thanks to additional software functions

The additional functions with regard to communication, interfaces and measuring tasks can be activated as a package through the purchase of a licence. These functions are:

  • OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture)
  • E-mail functionality
  • Channel monitoring measuring task

OPC UA communication standard

OPC UA communication standard

Through the integration of OPC UA, SmartCheck and ProLink CMS offer a widely-used, manufacturer-independent communication standard (based on IEC 62541) for industrial communication. It facilitates easy, bidirectional exchange of information between the sensor and a higher level (e.g. with a control system).


  • Simple integration into the existing infrastructure
  • Bidirectional exchange of information (read, write) between the sensor and the controller level
  • OPC UA clients tested so far: UaExpert, PTC Kepware, CODESYS, Copadata Zenon, Siemens, Beckhoff TwinCat

E-mail functionality

The e-mail functionality expands the SmartCheck's and ProLink's range of functions by an additional option for data transmission. Sending data and information via e-mail helps companies prevent IT security problems. This provides maintenance technicians with increased flexibility and enables them to react more quickly to changes occurring in the machines.

  • The prerequisite for using this functionality is access to an e-mail server in the network.
  • Messages and data are sent via a standard communication channel
  • Information on the condition of the machines is available wherever and whenever it is needed

E-mail functionality

Channel monitoring

The channel monitoring measuring task provides the option of continuously monitoring up to three channels (vibrations, temperature, process signals) and immediately sounding an alarm as soon as a limit value is exceeded.

Unlike conventional condition monitoring, channel monitoring makes it possible to view the signal curve before the occurrence of an event (max. 1s).

  • Continuous monitoring of parameters
  • Immediate detection of sporadically occurring events
  • Investigation of the root causes of isolated events

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